Cards On Palm: Credit Cards Wallet & ATM Finder.

Cards On Palm Credit Cards Wallet & ATM Finder.

Cards On Palm is an application that helps you to keep information about your cards and lets you easily find an ATM or bank needed at the moment.

Cards On Palm is a convenient and beneficial solution for everyone who often uses services of different banks and who does not want to waste time looking for the nearest bank or card information, which is not always at hand. In addition multiple cards and complicated passwords make it virtually impossible to always remember them all.

Cards On Palm: Credit Cards Wallet & ATM Finder. Excellent card visualization is implemented in Cards On Palm to easily and comfortably view them.
Application security

Reliable encryption algorithm - AES-256Bit. Security of all data is guaranteed. Security measures restrict access to Cards On Palm app without password authorization.

Quick review of card data (PIN-code, CVC, etc.)

Those who use services of different banks will find it convenient to keep information about all their cards.

Creating a backup copy of all data in Dropbox

Now there is an option of creating a backup copy of your database with secured access.

Cards On Palm: Credit Cards Wallet & ATM Finder.

Finding and calling the nearest branch of bank

The application provides a map where you can find addresses of the nearest branches of required banks and their contact information. Currently the bank database includes:

  • Over 100 major banks of US
  • Over 50 banks of Spain
  • Over 50 banks of UK
  • Over 100 banks of Russia
  • Over 30 banks of Belarus
  • Over 35 banks of Ukraine
Finding the nearest ATM of a selected card

The application indicates a distance to a bank or ATM and their location on a map what will greatly help to get there.

Calling a bank in case of card loss

In case of card loss a user will be able to contact a card-issuing bank because the application contains phone database of major banks of Russia and Belarus.