After starting the application you will see the Main Screen where your bank cards will be placed.

You will be offered to create a password to access the application. We recommend doing it for secure storage of card data.

To add the first card, click the Add icon or the "+" sign in the upper toolbar.

The Add/Edit Card screen will be displayed.

You will have to fill out the following fields:

  • Card name (call it as you like)
  • Card color (select any color from a palette or one of three predefined colors: Gold, Silver or Platinum)
  • Country where the application will be used
  • Card-issuing bank*
  • Payment system (indicated on a card)*
  • Card number (indicated on a card’s face)*
  • Valid through (indicated on a card’s face)*
  • PIN-code (it was given to you when you received your card)
  • CVC code (3- or 4-digit number on a card’s reverse)
  • Main and additional currency of a card
  • Card type: Debit or Credit

* This symbol indicates a mandatory field

Click the button on the bottom of the Add Card screen or a checkbox in the upper menu and your first card will appear on the main screen!

You will be able to review your card information be clicking it on the main screen. To edit card data, click the icon in the upper menu at the right.

Click the Offices button to look for the nearest branches of bank. Click the ATMs button to look for the nearest ATMs.

The found branches of bank and ATMs can be reviewed in a list or on a map.

To enter the settings, click the gear-wheel icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.

Here you can:

  • Set or change password
  • Enter your Dropbox account to create a backup copy
  • Rate the application in AppStore
  • Write a message to the Customer Service
  • Share this application with your friends

Please provide your feedback related to the application usage or found errors. It would be highly appreciated!