Cards On Palm – easy to use, convenient on-the-go solution!

Information about banks, ATMs, and you cards is in a secure place now with the Cards on Palm application.

Exciting news for all who want to promptly get an accurate information about the nearest ATMs and bank branches and also keep their data perfectly safe!

Now there is no need to remember dozens of passwords and PIN-codes, memorize CVC/CVV, and bank card numbers. This is what Cards on Palm is for.

Designed specially for iPhone, this application will enable its user to:

  • Easily and quickly find a required bank or ATM whose location is indicated on a map.
  • Find out a bank telephone number to instantly get the required information or report your card loss.
  • Securely keep information about your bank cards (passwords, PIN-codes, CVC, etc.), protecting access to the application with a password.
  • Create a backup copy of data in Dropbox.

Working with bank cards has become much easier and more convenient while your thoughts are free for more important things!